Happy employees are good business

Boost your employees’ health and you boost their productivity. We’ll help you unlock health and wellness, manage rising healthcare costs, and take care of your people.

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Employee benefits your team will love

It’s no secret that employees are more engaged in their benefits package than ever before. They are looking for transparency, choice and value and will take their talent elsewhere if you don’t deliver what matters to them.
Employers are managing a changing world of work. From managing a mobile-savvy, multi-generational workforce to keeping ahead of regulations, employers can no longer presume that the traditional approach will meet today’s needs – or today’s budget.

We help you solve these challenges and more. Taking a long-term approach that moves with the market, we create highly affordable, multi-year employee benefits packages that optimize expenditures, strengthen your brand, and enhance your recruitment and retention.

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We build our plans on four pillars of excellence…

Sharing energy and ideas
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    Cost containment

    Partner with us, and we’ll protect you from runaway annual premium increases. Fueled by data and insight, we analyze your cost drivers, shop the market, and develop a long-term strategy that saves you money without compromising your benefits program.

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    Employee engagement

    Engaged people are loyal people, and that means educating your employees to understand and manage their benefit options. We bring the right tools and resources to help your team take control of their health, wealth and life decisions.

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    ACA complexities, aggressive reporting requirements, threats of fines, penalties, lawsuits, audits…it’s enough to keep even the savviest HR professional up at night. Our in-house compliance experts keep you current on the latest requirements, so you can rest easy knowing your program is in good hands.

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    Good tech tools can help you save time, boost employee participation and reduce the HR task burden. We deliver platform-agnostic solutions that manage enrollment, payment and everything between, all in one place.

Clients rave about our holistic approach to employee benefits. From strategy and plan design to engagement, compliance, communication and administration, let us deliver everything you need for a healthy and productive workforce.

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Together, we will help you design and manage a future-proof benefits program that is structured to increase flexibility, minimize costs, educate employees, remove administrative burdens and keep your talent healthy and happy. Talk to us about your needs.