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Captive Insurance
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Predicting and Managing Risk Efficiently

Captive insurance offers tailored coverage and tax benefits for companies like General Motors and SpaceX. But watch out for risks such as cybercrimes. Actuarial services help manage these risks by calculating reserves and premiums. With a skilled team, companies can conquer challenges and enjoy the rewards of captive insurance

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A Guide to Stop-Loss and Form 5500

Explore the significance of stop-loss insurance in self-funded plans, uncover the impact of DOL Advisory Opinion 2015-02A, and understand when to include a Schedule A in Form 5500 filings.

Captive Insurance
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How to Design an Effective Captive Insurance Program

In this article, we explore the essential steps and strategies to design a tailored captive insurance program that effectively addresses your organization’s specific risks and optimizes your risk management practices. Learn how to assess your risk profile, set clear objectives, determine the right captive structure, and collaborate with expert service providers to take control of your risks and maximize the benefits of captive insurance.

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Understanding DOL Opinion 2015-02A on Stop-Loss Premiums

Understand the implications of DOL Advisory Opinion 2015-02A and safeguard your business by maintaining clear separation between employee contributions and employer assets.

Captive Insurance
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Demystifying Captive Insurance Feasibility Studies

Discover the essential steps and considerations involved in conducting captive insurance feasibility studies with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to assess risks, evaluate financials, and navigate legal aspects to make informed decisions and unlock the potential benefits of captive insurance for your organization.

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Understanding Rising Healthcare Costs in the U.S.

Corporate America’s poor return on investment…